Codeigniter Training In Mumbai

Codeigniter Training  Mumbai

CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications (Codeigniter Training In Mumbai).

Codeigniter training course covers following topics.


  • MVC Introduction
  • Codeigniter Introduction, setup and Installation
  • Codeigniter Application Architecture
  • Codeigniter Directory Structure
  • Codeigniter Configuration and Routing
  • Codeigniter Work Flow and Model, View, Controller Concept


  • Codeigniter Working With Database
  • Codeigniter Database Connectivity
    • Connect codeigniter with database using default connection method and also third party database library
  • Uses of Codeigniter libraries in project
  • Codeigniter Error Handling
  • Codeigniter File Uploading
  • Codeigniter Sending Email
  • Codeigniter Form Validation
  • Codeigniter Session Management
  • Codeigniter Flash Data
  • Codeigniter Function
  • Codeigniter Helpers



  • Codeigniter Database Connectivity
    • Inserting a record
    • Updating a record
    • Deleting a record
    • Selecting a record
    • Colsing connection
  • Using Codeigniter Drivers
  • Creating Drivers
  • Creating Ancillary Classes
  • Creating Core System Classes
  • Auto-loading Resources
  • Common Functions
  • Compatibility Functions
  • URI Routing
  • Web Page Caching
  • Profiling Your Application
  • Running via the CLI
  • Managing your Applications
  • Handling Multiple Environments
  • Alternate PHP Syntax for View Files
  • Security
  • PHP Style Guide

Codeigniter With Ajax Topics

  • What is ajax / ajax introduction
  • Ajax and Codeigniter
  • Codeigniter Ajax Fetch data form MySQL
  • Codeigniter Ajax Live Search
  • Codeigniter Ajax Create, Read, Update, Delete Record

Codeigniter Advance Topics

  • Codeigniter image gallery project
  • Codeigniter ajax image gallery project
  • Codeigniter Customer Records project
  • Codeigniter Web-services Introduction
  • Codeigniter Simple web-service create, read, update, delete records
  • Generating Query Results
  • Query Helper Methods
  • Transactions
  • Database Metadata
  • Custom Function Calls
  • Query Builder Class
  • Database Caching Class
  • Database Utility Class

Codeigniter Training add-on Topics

  • Composer Introduction
  • Composer installation
  • Third party library uses
  • Git Introduction
  • Git repository creation and management
  • PHP Coding performance tips
  • HHVM Introduction
  • Many more.

Codeigniter Live Project Work and Training.

Codeigniter Training and Tutorials

Learn programming in CodeIgniter and speed up your development in PHP applications and the MVC framework. Our CodeIgniter tutorials walk through programming in open-source PHP, including creating static page controllers, validating input, and saving time with helpers.

Codeigniter Training  Mumbai

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