Angular JS Training Mumbai

AngularJS is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for building web-apps. Declarative templates with data-binding, MVW, MVVM, MVC, dependency injection and great testability story all implemented with pure client-side JavaScript! (Angular JS Training Mumbai).

AngularJS training course covers following topics.


  • AngularJS Introduction
  • AngularJS Expressions
  • AngularJS Modules
  • AngularJS Directives
  • AngularJS ng-model Directive
  • AngularJS Data Binding
  • AngularJS Controllers
  • AngularJS Scope
  • AngularJS Filters
  • AngularJS Services


  • AngularJS AJAX – $http
  • AngularJS Tables (ng-repeat)
  • AngularJS Select Boxes
  • AngularJS Dependency Injection
  • AngularJS Templates
  • Interpolation and data-binding
  • AngularJS Forms
  • AngularJS Understanding Components
  • AngularJS Animations
  • AngularJS Providers
  • AngularJS Bootstrap
  • Hashbang and HTML5 Modes


  • Security
  • Fetching Data From a PHP Server Running MySQL
  • Create custom directives
  • Angular JS Routing
  • Angular JS Cookie
  • Angular JS Includes
  • Angular JS Data Sanitize

AngularJS Training add-on Topics

  • What is NPM ?
  • Introduction to NPM
  • NPM installation
  • Install angular using NPM
  • Third party plugin use via NPM
  • Many more.

Angularjs Live Project Work and Training.

  • Angular js project Bootstrapping
  • Angular js project Static Template
  • Angular js project AngularJS Templates
  • Angular js project Components
  • Angular js project Directory and File Organization
  • Angular js project Filtering Repeaters
  • Angular js project Two-way Data Binding
  • Angular js project XHR & Dependency Injection
  • Angular js project Templating Links & Images
  • Angular js project Routing & Multiple Views
  • Angular js project More Templating
  • Angular js project Custom Filters
  • Angular js project Event Handlers
  • Angular js project REST and Custom Services
  • Animations
  • End Project

Angular Training and Tutorials

Speed up your development with AngularJS, the open-source JavaScript framework for building web applications. Our AngularJS tutorials show how to divide your project into modules; work with services like $http, $routeProvider, and animation; and set up deep linking and navigation.

Angular JS Training Mumbai

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