Codeigniter Load More Record on Button Click

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  • Sayyed Sameer

    thank you..Your Code Works fine

    • a3oxbloggers

      your welcome

    • Vikram Parihar

      your welcome

  • Ramita Jaramillo

    Hi, just to know, in case you don´t have more items in the table, how can I make one this happend the load more button disappear ? And also in case you can help me, can I put the for each in the view and not in the controller ? foreach($countries as $country){
    echo “”.$country->id.””.$country->country_name.””.$country->country_code.””;

    Thanks in advance a cool page 🙂

    • Show no more items in last row.. when you goes to scroll down.
      Check condition in PHP side.

  • Farhaan Khan

    i used this code in php loop because i have many tables but only 1st table work

  • Angga Cuacua

    great stuff

  • miggy_trinidad

    How can i put the loop in the view ?

  • burak


    all post load = button disabled

    how to button disabled or hide ?

    thank u