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Codeigniter dropdown add blank option

form_dropdown([$name = ”[, $options = array()[, $selected = array()[, $extra = ”]]]]); Parameters: $name (string) – Field name $options (array) – An associative array of options to be listed $selected (array) – List of...

Live search in php mysql using angular js 1

How To Remove hash from url angularjs

Simple steps for preety url in angularjs. Many times we have to suffered from a non seo friendly urls in angularjs application. So here is simple tricks for remove hash # from angularjs ui...

Send push notification to IOS using php 0

Php send push notification to IOS

Send push notification to IOS using php. Here is a simple php function for send push notification to IOS device. For this functionality you may require. A IOS device token A Certificate as .pem...

Codeigniter batch insert 0

codeigniter sending email

codeigniter sending email To send an email using CodeIgniter, first you have to load email library. following functions to set necessary elements to send an email example:- Download here: Download

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PHP imap gmail email

Objective of this tutorial Understanding IMAP Install imap on ubuntu os Connect to gmail box using imap php Fetch emails from gmail Get email body and print Close connection Understanding IMAP In computing, the...

Codeigniter batch insert 0

Codeigniter batch insert

In this code section we will understand basic process of batch insert process in codeigniter form user form input. Getting data from user form input little bit different, so you will learn how to...